Event details

Theme: Out of the Box


Date: Saturday, 1st of March, 2014

Venue: Dubai American Academy Auditorium


  • Session 1 (10:00-11:00):
Prem Sehgal – Bioengineering: The Next Golden Age
Natalya Rahman – It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It
Elodie Papp – To Bee or Not to Bee (Using insect protein as a food source)
Pietro Emiliani – Rx: Video Games, Doctor’s Orders
  • Session 2 (11:20-12:00):
Faiz MoosaA New Perspective on Special Needs
Nirekh DasPhotonic Molecules:  The Future is Bright  
Apoorva GuptaReaching for the Gold Star (The downside of rewards)
Gnebe Diouf Original spoken-word poetry
  • Session 3 (12:20-1:00):
Dahlia DocratSweet Solitude (Why spending time alone isn’t so bad)
Ian EsdaleHumanity 2.0 (Exploring the diverse field of transhumanism)
Bani SapraMind Over Stress (How stress might actually be beneficial)
Gnebe Diouf - Original spoken-word poetry